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another outfit on Flickr.

another outfit on Flickr.

Tonight I went out, and within the span of about 10 minutes, was complimented by two different strangers (on my dress and bag, respectively). This generally happens to me pretty rarely so I think it lends credence to something I’ve read from other people’s weight loss experiences, which is that they get many more strangers coming up to them and talking to them now that they’re thinner, since thinner people in our culture tend to be seen as both more visible/noticeable and more approachable.

Weird and sad but interesting nonetheless.


imageLately it seems like if you have your wisdom teeth out, you’re obligated to get someone to take a video of you waking up from the anesthesia afterwards.

I am glad that camera phones weren’t a thing when I had my wisdom teeth out for a few reasons, mostly because Josh Groban was playing when I…

Things that happened when I woke up from anaesthesia after my wisdom teeth removal:

-I immediately remembered that my crush at the time had a girlfriend, which made me cry.
-This prompted me to reach into my purse, open my journal, and start writing a sad love poem. When the dentist came in and asked me what I was writing, I couldn’t think clearly enough to make something up so I just said “A poem.” What a weirdo.
-The doctor told my mom not to let me drink, smoke, or exercise for a few weeks after surgery and I started laughing because, at that time, there was practically zero chance of me doing any of those things.



On July 20, 2004, Ashlee Simpson released her debut album, Autobiography

Ten years. 

Her voice felt so edgy and fresh to me back then.
I fit into a dress I haven’t been able to fit into since high school!

I fit into a dress I haven’t been able to fit into since high school!

packages I’m supposed to receive on Monday or Tuesday:

-3 Makeup Geek brushes + 2 eyeshadow pans
-a weird new vibrator I’m reviewing soon
-iPad Mini!!!!

This beautiful, chubby, hard-to-photograph cat was hanging out in our yard this morning when I left the house to go for a walk.

dear creepy men on the internet








In spite of society’s tireless tirade against the selfie, I will always be in full support of it for the reason that, in my opinion, there is nothing inherently wrong with seeking attention.

You are indeed gorgeous and noteworthy and you should share your mug with the world if it makes you happy! Selfies have the power to build self-esteem, forge connections through social networking and express one’s individual style and identity. Besides, there are far worse evils in the world than taking a photo of you and your new outfit.

Or your new sweetheart.

—my homegurl Arena, "In Support of the ‘Relfie’"