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do you ever think about how awesome masturbation is?

my (male) friend once told me that if he didn’t jerk off, he’d probably murder people. it’s a stress release thing for him.

but look at all these other things that masturbation can do:
-it can help you sleep
-it can satisfy you sexually so you don’t make bad/impulsive choices about who you sleep with
-it can satisfy you sexually so you can focus on things that are more important than sex and love
-it can be transcendent and spiritual
-it can ease menstrual cramps
-it’s good for your heart and overall sexual health
-it can teach you what you like in bed, so you can teach that to a partner
-it can help you learn to orgasm if you never have before
-it can be a wonderful accompaniment to any kind of crazy sexual fantasy you can dream up
-it can be an activity you share with a partner, or just do on your own

seriously, i don’t understand people who think masturbation is wrong/bad/pointless. have they actually tried it? have they actually stuck with it for long enough that they got good at it? probably not.

yours sincerely,
the masturbation fairy
a.k.a. kate

If you think pubic hair on a woman is unnatural or weird, you aren’t mature enough to be touching vaginas.

—Stoya  (via bratlyf)

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"But I don’t have a problem with being circumcised"


I’ve seen this a few times now.

That’s great that you don’t mind and I wish I could be as content as you. But your contention is not an excuse. If studies show that sensitivity decreases after circumcision and continues to decrease over time, ignoring the fact that it’s already a procedure performed without consent, then we have a problem. If you don’t mind then good for you, but don’t use your contention as a way to tell us to be quiet.

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