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My friend thinks it’s weird that I care about men’s rights (specifically, the right not to be unnecessarily circumcised at birth) and I’m a woman.

I wonder if she also thinks it’s weird when men advocate for women’s rights (the right not to get raped, or the right to have access to contraception, for example).

We’re allowed to care about things we haven’t directly experienced. If we weren’t, the world would be a much slower-progressing place. I, for one, am glad that people from other genders have historically taken an interest in issues that directly affect only my gender.

(Besides which: issues of consent, regardless of which gender they affect, impact us all. If one group’s consent is not respected, all other groups must risk and fear the same treatment.)

It’s National Coming Out Day today…

…and so here’s my yearly announcement: I’m not straight.

I typically identify as “queer” because it’s a blanket term that encompasses the complexity of my not-always-static sexual orientation. However, you can use any of these other terms to describe me, if you want: bisexual, pansexual, Kinsey 2, heteroflexible.

I have straight-passing privilege, which means that I benefit from being frequently misidentified as straight, because of the way I look and the way my partner looks. Though this isn’t a privilege I’m happy about, there are lots of people who would envy me for it, so I have to acknowledge that I’m lucky to be straight-passing. It’s impossible to know how many times it has spared me from incidents of homophobia.

Wishing you the best of luck with any coming out you want or need to do, today or any other day.


Big ups to my femmes out there who have to come out over and over and ovvvvver again. Our partners don’t validate our queerness and you’re all beautiful and powerful and I SEE YOU AND LOVE YOUR COMPLICATED FEMININITIES

♥ queer femme sisterhood

I’m going paradin’ today. Have to run an errand at the local sex shop (my life rocks) and then I think I’ll head over to Value Village and do some Halloween costume shopping.

If any of you Toronto folk want to get coffee or something later (ideally to have a long chat about feminism and gayness, but I’m not picky), text me or something!

…Also, here is a photo that Cadence and Arena took of themselves on my laptop. I’m staring at them in disapproval while making soup. It’s great.


This reminds me of Eric’s friend Kate’s cat, Tru! :)

Yep, looks like the same breed!


This reminds me of Eric’s friend Kate’s cat, Tru! :)

Yep, looks like the same breed!

things i received in the mail today:

2 sex toys, a book about fellatio, and notification that my credit card application has been approved

hey universe, i love ya