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getting back into the swing of things

Today I started my new job running the improv club/team at my old high school. It feels weird even referring to it as a “job” because a) the time commitment is only 2-3 hours a week & b) it’s something I love so much, I would gladly do it for free (& was intending on asking if I could do so, when I was offered the position as a paid opportunity).

It felt so, so good to return to Rosedale. I think coaching the team is an excellent thing for me to be doing during my gap year, because it’ll make the transition from high school to “real life” a bit smoother - I didn’t have to completely say goodbye to my beloved school when I graduated from it in June. That knowledge was enough to keep me from completely falling apart on my last day.

After a somewhat depressing week spent job-hunting, making half-hearted plans, & fretting about my decision to take a year off, this afternoon was an absolute ray of sunshine. I got to go to my old cafeteria & play drama games with a bunch of enthusiastic high school students for an hour. That probably sounds like some people’s idea of hell, but to me it was indescribably wonderful. The improv environment, particularly at Rosedale, is a place where my dogged introversion seems to fall right off me like a heavy coat. I was trained to treat improv club as a place where we leave our hang-ups at the door & embrace others like they’re our best friends already; this is an attitude I intend to bring with me as coach, because it has helped me so much.

Despite how desperately lost I felt this past week, I think improv is going to bring me back to being me again. Not just Rosedale improv, but also the professional classes I’m considering taking. My grade 12 sociology teacher, Joel Gottlieb, always a fountain of wisdom, frequently told us, “When you do something & the rest of the world disappears, you know that that’s the thing you should be spending your life doing.” The rest of the world disappears when I do improv, or even when I’m just watching improv. I don’t know if it’s something I want to spend my life doing, but I feel immensely privileged to be doing it now.

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