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Things I Love Thursday

-intimately exploring emotions through journaling
-buying Christmas gifts whose recipients will love them
-Dames teaching me to make scrambled eggs
-a journalism school revelation
-the Alex Gillespie Friendship Award
-reading short stories in a crowded cafeteria
-graduating from high school!
-hot baths while reading good books
-staying hydrated
-bell peppers
-early to bed, early to rise (ohhhh feels so good)
-intellectually stimulating documentaries
-making a list entitled “things I am excited about right now”
-Cosmo’s terrible sex tips
-random serendipitous reunions at bus stops
-sexy games
-my new large DivaCup which doesn’t leak at all!
-the way Damian’s face smells
-thought-provoking Formspring questions
-afternoon naps
-unconventional life trajectories
-the realization that my complete lack of interest in romantic “fandoms” these days is probably due to being in a healthy, adoring relationship of my own
-The Devil Wears Prada
-when my hair elastics match my outfit/lipstick
-vanilla latte cookies
-“I love being gay. It’s like having a best bro who you can fuck.” -FTMark
-green clay face masques
-Liam, in an improv scene: “Those kids could be watching pornography on their computers! I’ve never even seen a leg!”
-the way being in a relationship makes me not really care if I completely humiliate myself in front of my crush
-“the bum looks like a spider”
-a circle of coming-out stories
-Damian referring to a vagina as a “boner reception tube”
-working at the library - soothing silence as a post-improv balm

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