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-when cute people stand too close to me
-taking an action I know will make me feel so much better, even though I’ve been putting it off for ages (& having it make me feel so much better!)
-deconstructing negative emotions in my journal until they evaporate from having their nonsensicality exposed
-working on my journalism portfolio
-when epiphanies float into my brain while I’m walking or showering or doing other thoughtless “flow” activities (lesson: if you’re stuck, go for a walk & just listen to your thoughts)
-Rosedale, always, forever
-the kids on my improv team, in all their unique, diverse, crazy, unpredictable glory
-answering Alligator Pear e-mails at 1AM because I enjoy my job
-giant racks of vintage cashmere sweaters organized by color (oh Courage My Love, you outdo yourself every time I visit you)
-novelty condoms
-collaborations with Kathleen
-soft skin
-recurring fantasies & appearances of the perfect red sequinned dress I want to attract into my life in time for the holidays
-a girls’ day out with my mom & Franelle
-Baileys & eggnog
-setting up opportunities to go see theatre all by myself, just because I want to & I can afford it & Toronto has good theatre discounts for youth
-planning next week, which is going to be rad
-Abraham-Hicks (I heard tonight that Jerry Hicks has died, so I’m gonna pull out my A-H books & soak up some wisdom to honor him!)