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Things I Love Thursday

-when you go to a social event & someone you weren’t expecting to see, who you really like, is there
-conversations of an anti-oppressive & minority-conscious nature
-trying new things (& then going home & writing e-mails to my friends about it)
-lesbian films
-that feeling of “what the fuck is happening? is this awesomeness really my life?!”
-Damian’s little cousins
-Paige: “I like you! I mean I love you!”
-wearing sequins & the reactions I get to them
-holding hands on the subway
-Sugarpill eyeshadows
-Dating a Porn Star
-going to the theatre by myself
-my new Yuuki cup
-Good For Her/Krispy Kreme/Hero Burger date
-absurd sex toys
-mind maps
-helping friends as they go through exciting life changes
-when my boyf says feminist things
-noticing that I manifested two intentions I’d set about 8 days previous
-super sweet Facebook wallposts from cute gals
-making heart-shaped brownies for my family
-support in LiveJournal communities (especially vaginapagina/”VagPag”)
-writing myself into the vortex (“I am so grateful…” “I love…” “Wouldn’t it be nice…” “I want…”)
-Surfer Blood
-Sasa saying that my reactions to his improv encourage him & make him feel comfortable
-Nick: “I love your laugh. I actually work toward getting that laugh out of you.”
-endless consecutive episodes of The Office
-homemade menstrual cramp remedies (chamomile-ginger tea, mmm)

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