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'I don’t understand how you can be a style blogger & talk about radical self love,' she said.

We started to chat, & it became quite apparent that we were approaching the issue from opposite sides. One of the first things she said was, ‘Well, we all wear make-up to try to attract men.’

'Uh, wait a second…', I interjected. 'I don’t! I’m wearing make-up right now, but my husband is in New York City. I’m not trying to get laid — I’m wearing this for myself.'

I didn’t even mention the fact that her assumption totally excluded those of us who, for example, are not heterosexual!

As we continued to discuss make-up & self love, I mentioned that I saw make-up as a way of accentuating my features. She replied, ‘That’s funny, I see it as a way of covering up my flaws.’

Now, make-up can do both of these things — & very well — so clearly this is all a matter of perception. It’s about HOW you see it & about your INTENTIONS when you make up your face in the morning. Are you trying to hide who you are, or make the best of your assets?

—Gala Darling


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