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…for when you’re sad, insecure, lost, lonely, or otherwise in need of some serious self-salvation:

1. A playlist of music that pumps you up and stirs you to sing and dance.

2. A list of compliments you’ve received in the past few years, especially the most meaningful and unique ones. Read it as a reminder. Memorize your favorites and repeat them like a meditative mantra.

3. A creative activity to sweep your mind away from the problem. Get out your sketchbook. Dust off your ukulele. Clear some space for dancing. And hop to it.

4. Someone who loves you, even if it’s just your cat or your teddy bear. You need someone who will listen to you spill the beans and then cuddle you mercilessly.

5. The ability to positively re-direct your thoughts, which we all have. Make a gratitude list. Fantasize about something awesome. Look back on a fond memory. Glance around you and mentally point out the things that are great about your current environment, your body, your situation.

6. Something to look forward to. Call up a friend and make a plan. Open your laptop and look up some concerts, plays, or improv shows nearby. You can even set yourself a goal with a deadline.

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    or get in touch with me. also i would be more than willing to try and help with #1, too. just let me know, my askbox is...
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    If you don’t have/think you don’t have #2, 4, or 6, get in touch with me. I’ll make it happen.
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