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And one last complaint… more of a pet peeve, really. Picobong’s box (and their site) says that the Kiki is great for C-spot stimulation. Where the hell is your C-spot? Can you show me? I’m pretty sure they mean the clitoris. That is not a “C-spot.” It is a clitoris. STOP, Picobong. Stop that. I hate that term. “C-spot?” It’s not a spot. My vulva is not a Dalmatian. It’s a clitoris. It’s filled with twice as many nerve endings as the penis. It is not a “spot” like the coin-sized G-spot. It’s more of a nub shape, at best. And it has a name. The clitoris. Don’t try to change it. Next you’re going to be selling me dildos and telling me they’ll stimulate my “v-spot.”

—Sugarcunt on the Picobong Kiki vibrator


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