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Just put together my schedule…

Why the fuck does Ryerson start open enrolment at FIVE-THIRTY A.M.? I really don’t know. It’s bad enough that we have to wait until mid-August while other schools offered enrolment in early August or even July, but 5:30? Wow.

Anyway… My schedule looks something like this:
Monday - Info & Visual Resources from 10AM to 4PM
Tuesday - The Culture of News from 10AM to 6PM (YIKES)
Wednesday - DAY OFF!
Thursday - 1-hour psych lecture, 1-hour English lecture, 1-hour lunch break, 1-hour grammar thing (assuming that I pass the grammar test and don’t have to take the course, I’ll be able to go home at 12 on Thursdays, which is pretty sweet)
Friday - 2-hour psych lecture, 1-hour lunch break, 2-hour English lecture

So basically, I have a really really heavy and intense Monday and Tuesday, and the rest of the week is fairly chill, with ample time for getting homework done, scheduling appointments, working, etc.

Pretty stoked!

(By the way, I say again: if any other RyJourn students are out there, y’all should get in touch!)

  1. xomiamoore said: my first year I had to wait until orientation to enroll! after that it was may. woot. sounds like a great schedule!
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