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Beauty & Style Resolutions - Autumn/Winter 2012

1. Wear foundation most days, because it was expensive and it makes my skin look awesome. Also because I need to get more skilled at applying it, and practice makes perfect!

2. Do fancy eyeshadow more often. I own too many Sugarpill shadows and pots of mineral makeup not to do this. There’s no need to look like a drag queen every single day, but it would be nice to have a little more variety in my eye makeup routine.

3. Wash my hair only once a week. I’ve been doing this for about a month now and my hair is much better for it – it’s retained its dye better, and it’s just generally more conditioned and manageable. Plus this is an easily achievable goal as long as I’ve got dry shampoo (which I only use when it’s reeeeally important for my hair to look clean) and an arsenal of cute hats.

4. Wear lip color more often. For someone who owns a zillion lipsticks, I rarely wear anything on my lips. Seriously, it’s like twice a month at most. This needs to change. Especially now that I own a really, really subtle pink tinted lip balm that looks good with everything.

5. Wear more of the colors I’ve traditionally underlooked, like yellow, orange, red, and green. (Um, pretty much anything that isn’t blue, purple, or black.) My favorite colors are still totally fair game, obviously, especially since more than half of my wardrobe is blue or black at this point… but I want to push my limits a little more.

6. Take more Wardrobe Remix photos. I’ve been totally slacking on this lately. Seriously, I’ve only taken 38 so far this year, compared to 182 in 2011. That is kind of pathetic. Time to step it up, girl.

I was going to add “wear a wider variety of shoes,” but then I realized I loved my Docs too much and said fuck it.