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today has been really good

-I did productive shit, like writing + taking photos + cleaning
-I went shopping with Cadence and Yonah, and ended up getting a TON of stuff (H&M: blue and pink hats, red and pink hair flowers, green and black striped sweaterdress, blue men’s cardigan, hot pink cardigan, black leggings; Gap: black jeans; Sephora: concealer, eyeliner, free cleanser)
-Mitch just invited me to go see a movie with him and a couple other fine young chaps
-I’m feeling in really good mental health: happy, positive, anxiety-free
-I just ate some Reese’s cups
-Halcyon’s book arrived in the mail and I can’t wait to read it
-I’ve earned over $250 in affiliate sales this month (i.e. more than what I was making at my customer service job) so I’ve tentatively decided to buy myself a Clarisonic Mia ($140) when the cash comes in at the end of September
-School starts in less than two weeks and I am feeling more excited and less nervous these days

  1. xomiamoore said: so much happy here! yay kate!! btw, I want the clairsonic too, but I heard that olay makes an excellent knockoff that is much much cheaper, if you are interested.
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