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I’m basically a walking medicine cabinet this week

-I’m taking antibiotics twice a day for my bladder/kidney infection from last week
-I’m also taking a giant cranberry pill every day to help with healing in that region
-When you take antibiotics and you’re female-bodied, it’s recommended that you also take probiotics so you don’t get a yeast infection from the antibiotics, so I’m taking a giant probiotic pill every night
-I’m also eating yogurt a lot because it contains probiotics too, and I’m paranoid about the yeasty beasties
-Sometime during each day I’ve been taking a painkiller, for kidney pain or headaches or back pain or whatever
-Also I feel like I’m starting to get a cold, which is not acceptable right now, so I’m taking odourless garlic pills for my immune system
-And I’m supposed to drink a whole whack ton of water every day to clear out my kidneys, etc.
-Oh and did I mention that I’m also on hormonal birth control?