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5 random thoughts make a post

1. lately i’ve been thinking a lot a lot a lot about burning man (the week-long artsy camping festival in the nevada desert every august) and how i want to go at some point in my life, but how i just don’t think i am a strong/handy enough person to pull it off. i’d have to go with a companion who a) knows a lot about camping and b) wouldn’t judge me for going through some kind of identity transformation on the playa (apparently this is common).

2. i think approximately two-thirds of the sex-related questions anyone ever asks could be answered with “ask your partner.” it’s obnoxious when people don’t. if you’re too shy to talk to the person you’re having sex with about the sex you’re having, you’re not emotionally mature enough to be having sex.

3. sometimes, after a long week of school, i feel utterly unmotivated to go to my volunteering shift on friday afternoons… but i shouldn’t, because i always enjoy it. even when i have to deal with creepers who make me uncomfortable, and even when the microwave doesn’t work so i have to cook my jamaican beef patties in the toaster oven, and even when i show up late and frazzled, it’s still always a nourishing experience. helping others is helpful to oneself.

4. things i received in the mail today: an amanda palmer ticket, a purple sequinned dress, some moleskine notebooks. mm mm good.

5. cadence has really excellent taste in significant others. i don’t think there’s one person in her romantic history who i disapprove of. one of them was a chainsmoker, but she was also chivalrous and had a distinctly shane mccutcheon-y kind of energy, so… forgiven.