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things that have been great about this day so far:

-i got up at like 8am without an alarm clock or anything
-received a beautiful hot pink rechargeable waterproof vibrator in the mail
-made soup while watching an old episode of SNL and laughing my ass off
-put tons of ginger in the soup, which is THE MOST COMFORTING THING EVER
-received my first credit card in the mail, then went out and got it activated
-used said credit card to purchase a video of my favorite porn star fucking his IRL girlfriend
-am wearing a very comfortable and cute outfit (cashmere all winter long, baby)
-there are oatmeal cookies in my kitchen
-made plans with the boyfriend for him to come over later
-read a few chapters of the book i have to read for school, and it’s gooood
-just received a $300 paycheque from a sex toy retailer, yeeee

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