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twenty signs of emotional maturity

1. you can accept a compliment
2. you can find something to like about even the people you dislike most
3. your lover’s irrelevant ex-lovers do not make you feel threatened when you think about them
4. you have techniques for pulling yourself out of a bad mood
5. you don’t blame other people for problems you caused
6. you’re not too proud to ask for help when you need it
7. you are able to be honest with yourself about both your successes and your failures
8. you no longer care when someone irrelevant to your life tries to criticize you
9. you don’t try to impose your lifestyle choices onto others
10. you only ask for advice when you actually want it, and only give it when it’s wanted
11. you recognize that people who see the world differently from you are people too
12. you are aware of your various privileges and you try to avoid using them for evil
13. you do not sexually objectify anyone unless they want you to
14. you know what kind of relationship(s) you need/want and can express this clearly and without shame
15. you rarely feel embarrassed
16. you don’t hold grudges
17. you gossip very little or not at all
18. you can be fully content even when alone
19. you rarely feel bored
20. you like the things you like because you like them, not because a person or group or culture you admire likes them

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