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5 little things that are making me happy this week

1. This American Apparel skirt. I bought two, one in hot pink and one in red, and they are so cute. I’m not normally a huge fan of midi skirts but I love these for some reason.

2. Melatonin pills. I switched from sublingual ones to ones that you take normally (i.e. swallow), and they work so much better. Getting a good night’s sleep is the best!

3. Sock buns. Such a cute hairstyle. I think I’m going to attempt my first one tomorrow.

4. A book I’ve been reading that’s all about anal sex. It was on sale for $5 at my favorite sex shop, and I was getting a bunch of other stuff, so I decided to add it to my pile. It’s one area of sexuality that I don’t know much about, so I’m learning a lot. Yay!

5. Having been chosen as a review editor on EdenFantasys. There are a lot of people on there who are absolutely terrible writers, but it’s fun and allows me to rack up reward points.