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minor skin ramblings

I’m sad to report that my attempts at trying out different face soaps have not been successful thus far, so I’ve returned to my mainstay, good old DivaWash - it doesn’t strip my skin of moisture, so I get soft skin without even needing to moisturize.

I tried going back to Lush Coalface, which I used for years and swore by when I was about 13-16. I guess my skin was pretty different back then, because now Coalface makes me break out, and I absolutely have to apply a moisturizer afterward (FYI, the only moisturizer I use, which cures all my skin problems, is virgin coconut oil, bought by the jar at a health food store). I still have quite a large bar of Coalface left; not sure what I’m gonna do with it now.

I also tried out African black soap, which makes a lovely shampoo and body wash but just doesn’t agree with my face. It’s too drying, despite containing shea butter.

I still have some more options I’d like to try. I seem to remember Lush Fresh Farmacy being a nice cleanser (I had a sample once). I found another Etsy seller who claims that her African black soap is heavier on the shea butter than most. And since I know coconut oil agrees with my skin, I might spring for a soap where coconut oil features heavily.

Yeah, I know, that was a super boring blog post. Oh well.