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cesarcervantes replied to your post: What’s your opinion on marriage? Do yo…

It’s very interestin reading your answers, specially this one, the difference of culture is enormous.

Assuming you’re talking about my beliefs on marriage, that’s not related to my culture, that’s a personal opinion of mine. My culture would have me believe that marriage is the end goal of one’s romantic life.

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jajaja, i’m sorry, i had to google “kate sloan naked” This popped first…

hahaha! I’m assuming the person who Googled that was unsatisfied by the results of their search. Unless they have a thing for armpit hair.

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gender doesn’t change as we grow older

Not for cis people, no. The post was about people who are trans and/or genderqueer, whose self-identified genders are different from the one written on their birth certificate. That was the entire point of the post.

cesarcervantes replied to your post: Sexuality and weight are two very different things. We are born a certain way, and what we do later in life is nobodys business. But I wouldn’t call a person a woman if he was born male, unless he ask me too.

Jaja. I was referring to your earlier post, that also didn’t make any sense either, by the way.

I know you were referring to my earlier post (which did make sense – it was a comment on how ridiculous it is to expect someone to always be the way they were when they were born, specifically in regards to gender and trans people).

Your reply didn’t make any actual argument at any point. You stated that gender and weight are two different things (duh; the post wasn’t arguing that the two things are identical or analogous, just that they are both qualities we have at birth which have the capacity for change as we grow older), that we may be different when we’re older than we were when we were born (again, duh – that’s obvious and was the whole point of the post), and that it’s a good idea to respect trans people’s self-identification (once again, duh).

I’m just not sure what you were trying to argue, if anything. You seem to be agreeing with what I reblogged, and yet you stated it in an argumentative way.

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Still, calling people “idiots” for something that, at least for me, makes sense, is exactly the kind of behaviour that stops us from making that world possible.

What are you talking about? People are idiots if they think that feminism is about female supremacy or some other shit like that. It’s about gender equality, but people are so often too afraid to take it on as a label because, if they’re a woman, they think it makes them look like a dirty man-hating hippie, and if they’re a man, they think it makes them look like a submissive sissy.

Neither is true, obviously. If someone really knew what they were talking about and had the confidence to care about issues more than their own image, they’d call themselves a feminist if they believed the genders should be equal.

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So, you don’t think that stopping practices, or beliefs that enhance those inequalities is indeed a way for making that world possible?

Obviously, if we could stop all inegalitarian beliefs and practices, then that world would come about pretty quickly. But that’s just not going to happen, at least not for a long time. Even today, our culture is filled with rape apologism, shitty stereotypes about women, double standards, and glass ceilings. We’ve come a long way, but it hasn’t been enough so far to eradicate gender inequality.

cesarcervantes replied to your post: people who say they want the sexes to be equal,…

In a world where we’re all equal, should feminism exist?

This isn’t a world where we’re all equal, so feminism should exist, yes. But if we were truly all equal, then no, there would be no need for feminism. However, I can’t see that happening in my lifetime.

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Those things I said are TRUE in MY experience, what part of that don’t you get? They are true to me, and in the world I live in, which is not the same as you do.

I understand that. All I’m saying is, when you assume that those experiences will hold true outside of your social group, your community, and your culture, and when you make statements that are phrased as if they are universals of humanity, you are perpetuating stereotypes, whether you think so or not.

You need to recognize that your experiences come from a largely gay-suppressive culture and so the information you glean from your life is going to be skewed on this issue.

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I don’t perpetuate them.

You JUST did. Direct quotes from you: “I believe an interest in the arts IS kind of a feminine quality.” “Being a gay man does make you more feminine.” Those are prime examples of perpetuating stereotypes rather than considering the possibility that they are not as true as you believe them to be.

cesarcervantes replied to your post: cesarcervantes replied to your post:…

Stereotypes exist, I’m Mexican… believe me, I know. I don’t think that talking about my personal experience hurts any movement.

The more that you perpetuate stereotypes like “gay men are more feminine” and “straight men aren’t interested in the arts,” the more you limit each group of people you make those statements about. That’s just the way it is, unfortunately. It happens on a large-scale cultural level but it can also happen on a small-scale personal level.