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more gems from Esther Hicks

Esther (channeling Abraham) says that when you go through shitty relationships, or when you have a tough break-up, or whatever, you should look at it as “data collecting.”

Anytime you have a negative experience, you know what you don’t want more acutely than ever before, and so you know what you do want very acutely as well.

All those positive, wanted things end up in your vortex - the reality that is waiting for you to come get it by being in a consistently good mood - your “vibrational escrow.” So a shitty relationship just means there’s an even better relationship waiting for you in your vortex.

I’ve heard Esther express this idea dozens of times on different subjects, but I guess it never hit home until just now when she was discussing it in reference to relationships specifically.

I know that I had to go through a few mediocre relationships before getting to where I’m at now. Each one was an improvement on the last: #1 was emotionally evasive, so #2 was emotionally devoted; #2 held little appeal for me, so #3 was someone I really really wanted; #3 was uncommitted, so #4 is hugely committed.

Damian is the culmination of all my romance-related “rockets of desire” thus far. One of my exes was kind of dumb, so I asked for intelligence and I got it in Damian. One of my exes did drugs, so I asked for sobriety and I got it in Damian. One of my exes was timid and afraid, so I asked for bravery and initiative and I got it in Damian.

It’s interesting how this works - and it really, really does. I’m not encouraging anyone to purposely subject themselves to bad experiences in order to reap better ones, but if you’ve just gone through something really awful, take comfort in reminding yourself that all the solutions to those recently-arisen problems are waiting in your vortex and you just have to allow them to flow into your life.

I’m watching a video of Esther Hicks and she just made a really excellent point:

It was in reference to the Abraham-Hicks ideology that you need to focus on your own happiness first in order to be able to bring happiness to others - and the fact that some people claim that this is “selfish.”

Esther said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “It’s selfish for me to want to please me, so instead you just want me to please you? Who’s the selfish one here?!”

Very interesting.

A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don’t allow the happy moment, because they’re so busy trying to get a happy life.

—Abraham-Hicks (via thesoundstheymake)

oh honey child you’re anything but a “hippie werido.” so, did u use one of these 22 things to manifest the guy your “only care” video is about?

Well, the cool thing about the processes is that they can inspire you to make up your own processes. I find manifesting works better when you individualize how you go about doing it.

Here’s what I did, as far as I can remember, to manifest that relationship:
1. I made a list of the qualities I wanted in a boyfriend or girlfriend. As I made the list, I imagined how it would feel to be in the presence of someone who possessed all those qualities. (This is terrific fun - DIY stomach butterflies!)
2. I wrote out an affirmation which resonated with me (I don’t remember exactly but I think it was something like “I am whole, harmonious, peaceful, loving, & strong), & then recited it out loud several times for about 5 minutes. While doing this, I drew a bunch of huge, colorful hearts in my sketchbook - I’m not sure why I decided to do this but an intuitive feeling told me I should do it so I did.
3. After that, I started speaking out loud, imagining I was talking to my best friend after having gone on a date with my perfect beau. (I wasn’t imagining a specific boy, FYI.) I said things like, “He asked me out!” “We had the best time!” “He really likes me!” “I really like him!” I made sure to feel the feelings of those words as I was saying them.

The whole ritual/process took about 20-30 minutes total, but EIGHTEEN DAYS LATER, a fella showed up at my door & asked me out! Pretty mystical stuff!

In fact, I think it’s about time that I try something like this again…

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