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"Having AIDS is in no way related to being gay any more than it is related to being straight or African or a sex worker or anything else. In North America, the demographic with the fastest growing HIV infection rate is straight white women in their teens and twenties, not in the gay population. Whose HIV status should you be worried about? Anyone who is not careful with protection and regular testing."


Honestly, people can be so stupid. You need to do research before making claims like that, for fuck’s sake. Stereotypes are not statistics!

I’ve had Formspring for (I think) almost exactly 2 years, & in that time, I’ve received & answered 4,483 questions.

Honestly, what the fuck! I have the best fans/friends/followers ever.

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(Subjects of particular interest to me today: music, sex, winter activities, & beauty products… but, y’know, whatever.)

Oh, Formspring.

There’s a person who routinely trolls me on Formspring. Their favorite activity consists of trying to make me feel bad about things like having a big nose, not being skinny, & not having a full-time job.

I think it’s interesting to watch when people get accused of being a certain way or doing a certain thing & manage to totally troll the troller back by owning whatever they’ve been accused of. My brilliant boyfriend Damian does this all the time (a few of my Formspring trolls have moved over to his page, to further inflict their patheticness on him), & it’s fantastic.

So yes, I:
-have a big nose
-am not skinny
-don’t work full-time
-went to two internship interviews which did not result in employment for me
-am queer & involved in the queer community
-don’t go to a lot of parties or large social gatherings
-don’t think much of people who do drugs or drink heavily
-am not conventionally pretty
-met my boyfriend on a dating website
-live with my parents
-am proudly sex-positive & sexually liberated
-am not perfect
& I’m damn proud of who I am.

No one can make you feel bad without your permission. So don’t let them. If what they say is clearly untrue, dismiss it. If what they say is true, own it & address it. If you don’t want to respond to them at all, don’t. It’s that simple.

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oh honey child you’re anything but a “hippie werido.” so, did u use one of these 22 things to manifest the guy your “only care” video is about?

Well, the cool thing about the processes is that they can inspire you to make up your own processes. I find manifesting works better when you individualize how you go about doing it.

Here’s what I did, as far as I can remember, to manifest that relationship:
1. I made a list of the qualities I wanted in a boyfriend or girlfriend. As I made the list, I imagined how it would feel to be in the presence of someone who possessed all those qualities. (This is terrific fun - DIY stomach butterflies!)
2. I wrote out an affirmation which resonated with me (I don’t remember exactly but I think it was something like “I am whole, harmonious, peaceful, loving, & strong), & then recited it out loud several times for about 5 minutes. While doing this, I drew a bunch of huge, colorful hearts in my sketchbook - I’m not sure why I decided to do this but an intuitive feeling told me I should do it so I did.
3. After that, I started speaking out loud, imagining I was talking to my best friend after having gone on a date with my perfect beau. (I wasn’t imagining a specific boy, FYI.) I said things like, “He asked me out!” “We had the best time!” “He really likes me!” “I really like him!” I made sure to feel the feelings of those words as I was saying them.

The whole ritual/process took about 20-30 minutes total, but EIGHTEEN DAYS LATER, a fella showed up at my door & asked me out! Pretty mystical stuff!

In fact, I think it’s about time that I try something like this again…

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