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it’s all too easy to desperately wish for an alternate universe in which things went differently and your life turned out the way you wanted it to.

it’s hard to just be grateful for what you have. but it’s extremely rewarding and it’s much healthier, obviously.

(i’ve been trying to do daily gratitude lists on every morning… it’s a tough habit to get into – or to get back into, in my case – but i always notice positive results when i do it.)

Tuesday morning gratitude

-Shane Koyczan’s poetry
-body positivity
-quinoa salad
-doing homework at Starbucks
-time spent purposefully offline
-cashmere sweaters
-my Pink Heart Camp water bottle
-dreaming of Burning Man
-“nothing is fo’ shizzle”
-discovering new music on Bandcamp
-Shara Worden’s voice
-being inspired by other artists
-City Love
-silly but life-saving optimism
-cuddling with Tru
-taking neat and detailed notes
-Don Draper
-ginger as an ingredient in anything
-shoulder massages
-jazz radio

In other news, I’ve been taking my own advice & writing gratitude lists in my pink Moleskine every morning. All I can say is… WOW. This extremely simple act, which only takes a few minutes, has been completely transforming my day. All you need is some paper & a pen, & make it the first thing you do when you roll out of bed. It really sets you up to have an incredible day. In fact, I sincerely believe that generating so much positivity in the morning is helping attract even more loveliness into my life.

—Gala Darling

Think of today as Christmas and your birthday, and you’re in Hawaii. Tonight is New Year’s Eve. Do whatever you would do if it were those days. Yeah, this is some carpe diem shit but if you just try to feel like you’re on vacation for one second, you’ll find your life feeling more and more like a vacation every day. I don’t know if that’s your thing, but it’s definitely mine!

—Jessica Mullen

a prayer of gratitude:

thank you, universe, for giving me a beautiful cat who, at some point every evening, claws at the chair i’m sitting in, asks to be pulled up to sit beside me, and when i do pull her up, sits quietly and purrs at me.

2012 mission statement, written into the front of my new Moleskine planner.

2012 mission statement, written into the front of my new Moleskine planner.

This is the most simple concept in the universe: appreciating what is, versus focusing on what isn’t. That simple shift, from noticing & wishing things were different, to appreciating what is, changes EVERYTHING. It changes the way you see yourself, it changes your path, it changes the way people interact with you.

—Halcyon Styn


Today Steve Pavlina tweeted, “What do you feel is important but never gets your full dedication? What if you make it your top priority for 30 days?”

I immediately thought, I should do that for gratitude & spirituality.

-to feel the feeling of gratitude/appreciation every day
-to significantly lessen resistance & negative emotions
-to specify what I want & ask the universe for it

-do an “I’m so grateful…”/”I love…”/”wouldn’t it be nice…” journal entry every day, preferably in the morning
-every day, choose a desire & spend 5 minutes vividly visualizing & feeling it in meditation
-get into “the vortex” at least once a day, by way of writing, exercising, dancing, singing, creating, &/or any other method that works
-when something is bring up negative emotions, redirect focus elsewhere OR make a list of positive aspects of whatever’s causing the problem


gratitude at the root

grateful for safe, happy home where I know I can stay as long as I want

grateful that there is always food for me to eat & water for me to drink

grateful for my family who take care of me, make me feel welcome everywhere I go, & encourage my talents & endeavors

grateful for my loving, handsome, charming, sweet, generous, supportive, sexy-as-fuck boyfriend, my rock & my love

grateful for my snuggly cat who tolerates late-night cuddles & early-morning dance parties

grateful for the constant presence of excellent music, films, books & television in my life

grateful to always have enough money to cover the costs of living, & to rarely have cause to worry about financial matters

grateful to have a community of internet followers, friends & fans to rely on, talk to, get feedback from, & be lit up by

grateful for this computer, my gateway, my second brain, my digital everything

grateful for the space & time & tools to figure myself out in private or in public

grateful for my future which I can rest assured will be at least moderately successful no matter how scared I am right now

grateful for my constant sense of ultimate safety because the universe will take care of me even when I make mistakes & act stupid

grateful to be clever & aware & willing to take action to make things happen for myself & for others

grateful to be writing this & for you to be reading it & for even the smallest chance that you find my writings enlightening in some tiny way