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In 2011, Glickman wrote a column entitled “How Pegging Can Save the World,” arguing that no other erotic experience a man can undergo can create greater empathy with women than being penetrated by his partner. “For men who have never been on the receiving side of penetration, sex is something that happens outside the body. And when sex is external to your body, it can be easier to do when you have a headache or you’re not quite in the mood. A lot of men discover than when sex is about catching rather than pitching, their mood, their emotions, and their connection to a partner can often have a bigger influence on what they want to do and how it feels.” Men, Glickman and Emirzian suggest optimistically, will be a lot less likely to rush foreplay once they’ve experienced how long it takes to relax sufficiently in order to comfortably take a dildo (or other sex toy) in the ass.

—Hugo Schwyzer on Charlie Glickman


things that piss me off #75926:

People who don’t understand the function of the clitoris.

(Yeah, I used the word “people.” It’s not all men who are ignorant to the clit!)

You guys, it’s women’s PRIMARY PLEASURE SOURCE. What the penis is to men, the clit is to women. Don’t ignore this fact!

If you expect a woman to climax during intercourse, odds are excellent (anywhere from 80% to 93%, studies show) that there’s going to have to be some clitoral stimulation involved. And THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. It doesn’t mean her partner’s penis or dildo is “not enough” for her. It doesn’t mean she’s frigid. It doesn’t mean she’s relying too much on her clitoris. It means she’s a normal, average woman who climaxes in the normal, average way.

No one expects guys to be able to reach climax without penile stimulation, even though some of them are physically capable of doing so. No one calls men names or feels hurt if a man can’t climax from purely prostate stimulation. Why? Because it’s A HELL OF A LOT OF WORK, NOT ALWAYS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE, and THAT’S NOT THE WAY HE WAS DESIGNED TO REACH ORGASM. Same with women and their vaginal orgasms.

So stop pressuring women to reach orgasm the way you want them to. We don’t expect men to ejaculate cotton candy - why expect all women to be able to climax purely from cock action? It’s entirely ridiculous and unfeminist and offensive and hurtful.

It’s estimated that 75% of women cannot orgasm from penetrative sex alone. Oh men, please understand, we like your penises, we really do. They’re fun to play with and they feel fantastic, but the unfortunate truth is that most of the time they don’t make us come.

—CoCo LaCrème