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Bought a Lelo Mona yesterday.

Best. Ever.

As always - I cannot recommend Lelo highly enough, especially if you are a newbie to the world of sex toys and/or want something high-quality that will last you a very long time.

One of the things I like best about Lelo is that they actually listen to the customer feedback they receive. A couple years ago, they put out a survey for their fans that basically asked, “What do you like about our existing products, and what could we change to improve them? What products would you like to see us make? What can we do to make Lelo a better brand for you?”

Some of the things I wrote in the survey included: make the controls less complicated; make a “rabbit-style” (dual stimulation) toy; make the vibrations stronger; make a lube; give us some classy apparel items in classic Lelo branding style to make the whole experience feel even classier.

And what did they do? They simplified their toys’ controls, made two different dual stimulation vibes (the Soraya and the Ina), amped up the motors on their toys, released a lube (along with a massage oil and a massage candle), and made some apparel items.

I suspect that they also received a lot of requests to produce waterproof toys because they released an entire line (Insignia) that’s totally waterproof. Awesome.

Basically, Lelo gets an A+ from me every time.