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When I first started listening to “music,” it was Jenny Lewis. We’ve had Florence Welch. Annie Clark. Kate Nash. Laura Marling…..Lily Allen. And I am telling you that the next one is going to be Stacy King. No, listen. Don’t roll your eyes at me. (Hell, if NYLON,Zooey D., and Dianna Agron are all talking about it, it must be so.)

I’m not going to throw around expletives for the sake of sounding like a swarthy man and/or in order to hyperbolize. Just trust me when I say that Sucré’s debut album is fucking awesome, and I impatiently await the day when Stacy’s tracked tag starts updating too frequently for me to check it.

The first time I sat down to listen to A Minor Bird (it’s streaming and on Spotify so you have no excuses), I had one of those giddy, stupefied experiences I pretty much only ever get when I’m listening to a new Radiohead album or something. Yes—it’s that good. The songs “Chemical Reaction” and “Endless Sleep” almost had me in tears.

The band is truly a collaborative force. Beyond Stacy King (née DuPree of Eisley non-fame) and her soaring vocals, we have Darren King (of MUTEMATH) and his bizarre but satisfying drums, and Jeremy Larson (creative genius) who takes an otherwise lovely record and turns it into an utter masterpiece full of weeping violins and dancing pianos. I don’t know what the hell a weeping violin is - maybe I should work on my vocabulary skills. Just know that he is a genius and if I ever make a movie dear God in heaven Mr. Larson will you please give me an original score?

“But what makes it so good?” you ask - “Why this, and not any other record on planet earth? What, am I made of money?” Okay, cool it pal. Deep breaths.

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Hiding Out

Sucré’s album comes out soonish. This song has made me about 5,000 times more excited for the release.