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I need your help!

I’ve been doing this exercise called Fast Food Stanislavski with the kids in my improv club.

Basically, the game consists of giving each player (there are two) a motive or intention for the scene, without telling them what the other player’s conflicting intention is.

Then they improvise a scene using these motives, being as creative & varied as possible in the ways they try to get the other player to do what they want.

e.g. Player A has planned a surprise party for Player B. The party is in the other room. A wants B to go into the other room, but all B wants to do is seduce A & keep him/her in the bedroom for sexytymez.

e.g. Player A is going to propose to Player B, & has hidden an engagement ring in the food. B secretly loathes A’s food & doesn’t want to eat it because it gives him/her stomach cramps.

e.g. Player A is an alcoholic, has had a hard day at work, & just wants to drink the booze that they’ve hidden in the bathroom. Player B has just found said booze, & wants to keep A away from it.

I’m having trouble thinking of more scenarios like this that would work. Any ideas, Tumblr?