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bite-sized reviews

1. Astrida Naturals African black soap - TOO DRYING! Bought to use on my face, dried it out; started using on my hands, dried them out too. Won’t buy again.

2. DressGreen rosemary peppermint shampoo bar - Gets hair CLEAN! I also don’t need to use conditioner afterwards, which is totally unprecedented for my traditionally knotty curls.

3. Sycamore Boutique “Winterblend” shea butter skin cream - Light enough for the face, moisturizing enough for the body. Sinks in quickly and provides long-lasting moisture. YES! Only problem: it smells kind of weird.

4. DressGreen Green Thumb hand salve - A little goes a long way. Cleared up the rough, dry spots on my hands that were caused by the aforementioned African black soap. Even my gnarly-handed mom loved it.

5. DressGreen cucumber ginseng eye cream - Very hydrating. Sometimes irritates my eyes a little bit, but probably wouldn’t if I avoided the lids altogether. Probably wouldn’t buy again (but then again, all the eye creams I’ve tried have irritated my eyes).

6. DressGreen shaving soap - Smoothest shave ever! I’m not a fan of the matcha scent, but Damian is. If I get my own, it’ll be the spearmint tangerine one.