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Today Shakesville reports even more ridiculous shit about Daniel Tosh and his total lack of respect for the necessity of consent and the seriousness of rape.

This shit needs to stop. Here’s Viacom’s contact page so you can file a complaint and announce your boycott.

FYI to anyone who might be experiencing a craving to write in my ask box defending Tosh: if you defend him, you’re defending rape culture and its enforcers, and I don’t take that kind of stance seriously because it’s a misinformed and misogynistic one. So please don’t bother, because I’ll just block you. I don’t want or need that kind of idiocy in my life.

This is the letter I just wrote to Comedy Central:

Hi, folks at CC,

I’m writing to let you know that, as I’m sure you’re aware by now, Daniel Tosh is a disgusting, misogynist rape-endorser.

In a recent incident, he incited people at a comedy club to rape a woman who rightfully protested his usage of rape jokes in his set. And there’s currently an article circling the blogosphere about an episode of his show last year in which he featured a video of a teenage boy being raped with a dildo, and laughed about it, apparently not caring about the immense trauma involved with rape.

I’m sure you can understand why I won’t be watching Comedy Central anymore until this revolting rape apologist’s show is taken off the air, and I’ve already informed my friends and the readers of my blog that they should take the same stance.

Please stand up for feminism and for those of us who don’t think rape is funny (i.e. all decent people), and do the right thing: get rid of Tosh. He has no place being successful. He doesn’t deserve it, not even a little bit.